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Are you ready to start living your healthiest life? Please fill out the General Assessment Form (located in menu under Contact). Benchmark goals such as weight loss, stress reduction, increased energy, plus a whole lot more is assessed weekly.
*New Programs Added
Initial Assessments is a one time, one hour session includes goals, medical history, food allergies, medications, nutrition history, exercise history, lifestyle and other pertinent information necessary for future sessions. This is required for all new clients. It will be revisited throughout future sessions. A notebook is required to track goals, daily meals, exercise, emotions and other important information.
4 Week through 12 Week Programs includes one initial assessment and 3 - 11 weekly follow up assessments. The initial assessment includes goals, medical history, medications, and nutrition history. The follow up weekly sessions include food diary review, and each will vary based on client goals, progress, and nutritional needs.  A notebook is required to track goals, daily meals, exercise, emotions and other important information. A 4 week package can be extended to an 8 or 12 week program.  
Follow up consultations 30 minutes sessions. These are provided weekly. Content of the sessions include food diary review, goals, progress, medical changes, recipes and other client needs. Other topics may include exercise, healthy reflection, psychology of food, how to eat out, and other items based on client needs. 
Email support is available to all active clients of Lisa Drew Wellness as a complimentary service. However, extensive phone or email communication that replaces follow up consultations, whether scheduled or unscheduled, will be billed daily at the hourly rate. 
Grocery Tours are a fun filled learning experience at your local grocery store. As silly as it may sound, I will teach you how to shop. You will learn how to make the right choices and stay away from the bad. The goal is to give you and your family the love of good healthy food. You will be able to use this information repeatedly. This session lasts anywhere from one hour to 1 ½.  Fee is $75.
Pantry Makeover – donate the bad food to Second Harvest from your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer and bring in the healthy nutritional food for you and your family. Healthy recipe ideas are given at this time to make the transition easier to a healthier life. A guided grocery tour is a recommended service to compliment your pantry makeover. Pantry makeover lasts anywhere from one to 2 hours.  Fee is $75. Combine this with a Guided Grocery Tour and save….time is limited!
All rates are per person. Couples and families will receive discount discussed at initial assessment.
*New- Nutrition Party, host one today! Entertaining in a casual setting where information, tips and recipes are given in a relaxing atmosphere among your friends and family. Contact Lisa for more information today.
*New - Cooking Class, Learn to create fun, healthy, delicious and nutritious foods for your friends and family. Contact Lisa for more information. 
*New - Deliciousness Prepared Meals, Hate to cook or just think you don't have the time? Have Deliciousness brought to you. Feed a couple or a family of four/five. Contact Lisa for more information.
*New - Skin Care Classes and Spa Parties featuring Arbonne products. Website link coming soon! Call today to book your class or party!
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