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The Dead Sea
• 1,388 feet below sea level

• Oldest spa on the planet

• Each year approximately
500,000 people
visit the Dead Sea

• Dead Sea minerals
serve to help with
• eczema
• psoriasis
• acne
• other skin diseases

The Dead Sea
• No water flows out
of the Dead Sea

• Evaporation concentrates

• The salt concentration is 33.7%

• 12 of Seacret’s 26 minerals
cannot be found in any
other ocean, sea, or lake

• Cleopatra wrote in her journals
that the Dead Sea was her
source of youth and beauty
Real Results
There is a reason that people fall in love with our products: they work. Unlike many skin care lines, our products were nurtured for centuries before they found their way into your home. Why try to improve upon natural perfection with dangerous chemicals and potions? We carefully follow nature's lead and process our ingredients with care. For you, this means natural products and real results of young and healthy skin.

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Protecting Your Skin
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