Lisa Drew Wellness -  Life is a journey...Live healthy along the way!

Keynote Speaker

Encouraging and Inspiring Everyone to Live a Healthy Life!

Are you looking for an empowering and inspiring speaker who will entertain, energize and motivate your audience? Lisa Drew is a funny, talented, realistic story-teller who knows how to connect with audiences of all sizes. Recognized as one of the Top Wellness Coaches, audiences describe Lisa as an Energetic speaker who delivers a fun, engaging, powerful and high-impact presentation that inspires action! You and your audience will be motivated, knowledgeable and inspired well after your event.

Lively discussions with the audience:
  • What is healthy living and what does it mean to you?
  • Food is your medicine... Seriously!
  • Food, exercise, meditation, sleep, energy clearing, SEX.. yes to all!
  • Let's talk goals: health, fitness, relationships, school, business, etc.
  • So much to talk about...
So many questions, Lisa is here to help you weed through it all...
Healthy does not mean boring!!!  Contact Lisa!

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