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"I love your tips Lisa! They remind me everyday to be healthy. I just had homemade honey almond chicken salad with a side of strawberries, blueberries and grapes with a cup of Simply Orange juice. No salt and no bread! :)" -T.Edelman. via Facebook
“The fastest way to freedom is to feel your feelings.”-Gita Bellin
  Chronic, out-of-control binging has been robbing me of my life for nearly as long as I can remember.  It didn’t become a health/weight issue until the past 14 years, but it’s been controlling me for probably nearly 30 years.
  30 years of my life has been focused on when is the next meal, what is the next meal, how much food will I be able to get.  Family gatherings, vacations, holidays, normal, day-to-day evenings and weekends, work….it ALL has been about how much food I could eat.  To the point that I lock myself in the bathroom to eat entire cakes, packages of cookies, boxes of chocolates….to the point that when I wake up in the morning, if we don’t have some sort of “junk food” in the house for me to get hold of right off, I don’t even want to get out of bed….to the point where I stash jumbo bags of candy in my desk at work and hide the fact that I am constantly eating it….to the point where at lunch, I will go through a drive through and order multiple meals and go back to work so full I feel sick, exhausted, and unmotivated….to the point that I will share the deepest, most vulnerable events of my life with a stranger, but to write down and show someone just what I eat, feels nearly impossible.
  Like a lot of people, I’ve had numerous failed weight loss attempts throughout my adult life.  One thing I can say, though, is that I have never engaged in a “fad” diet.  I always thought I went at it the “healthy” way….add exercise (which I actually love to do), add healthy foods into my diet, minimize (not eliminate) the unhealthy foods, and eat 5 or 6 small meals a day.  I have had success repeatedly.  Except that each time, I eventually crashed.  And regained it all plus some more.
  I had gotten scared.  I was getting older and my mind and body couldn’t keep going through the shame and humiliation of losing and regaining.  But, what was I doing wrong?
  I met Lisa Drew through Facebook.  She was always offering insights about food, fitness, overall health.  She is a certified nutritionist.  Now, THERE is something I’d never tried.  So I reached out to Lisa, and asked if she had any advice for binging.  And that was the beginnings of an entirely new me.
  Lisa started me writing, reading, being, and feeling.  She holds my hand and doesn’t let go.  She listens to me rant and rave and be self-centered and immature.  I am always scared I am going to receive an email from her saying that she gives up, I’m a horrible client, always falling flat on my face and backsliding…but she doesn’t.  Every time I open an email from her, she says it’s ok, she believes in me.  She gives me permission to be selfish.  And she always has something new to try, a new baby step to take.  She calms me down and redirects me. 
  Lisa doesn’t focus on the weight.  She focuses on me.  And she causes me to look at myself.  She challenges me to think about life, people, myself differently.  She gives me the tools to do this.  If I do what Lisa suggests, I don’t just see results.  My life expands and focuses and there is peace and gratitude in the midst of chaos.
  A year ago, I was sitting in my house, eating.  I had nothing to look forward to.  Everything was falling apart and I felt hopeless and helpless.
  It seemed like I was constantly being battered by major life issues, multiple events at one time, at every time.  My Dad has had severe health issues, my son has been in the hospital twice, and I’ve recently learned that my job is ending in a few months.  I’ve dealt with the breakup of my marriage and grandbaby coming into my home. 
  Sometimes, I deal with it all wrong and I binge and give in to depression.  But I’ve lost 40 pounds and gone for another 5 months without gaining weight.  I still have a long ways to go, but I am leading an active lifestyle.  I am studying for the PHR exam, preparing for a marathon in October, planning a trip to visit my brother in Portland, and taking my children camping in Florida for a week.  I am excited about getting a new job and learning things and meeting new people.
  I think about what I am doing now and what I was doing a year ago, and I realize that Lisa is changing my life.  She is teaching me how to be healthy from the inside out.
  What she is doing for me feels like nothing short of a miracle in my life.  I wholeheartedly recommend her and her services, no matter where you live.  Do what she says, and you will look up one day and realize that you have become like the caterpillar that emerged from his cocoon, with a new set of beautiful wings, ready to fly as high as you can dream. ~J.Rogers

Since I have been meeting with Lisa Drew, my health has improved, my cholesterol has dropped, along with my weight! My energy and good spirits have gone up! Bonus, no arthritis pain in my knee!!! Many Thanks, A. Peaslee
 "Met Lisa through Comprehensive Chiropractic. I have a lot of health woes and with Lisa's nutritional counseling, I know I will get where I need to be in life, emotionally and physically. Lisa is patient and caring. She is there for you every step of the way if you have a bad day or just questions. Lisa is truly a great wellness coach. She surpasses everyone I have seen in the past and her meals are delish! Its a pleasure meeting with you each week Lisa." K.M.

"Thanks so much for doing a nutrition party on healthy snacking at my house! Everyone had a fantastic time and learned alot too!! They are still commenting on the party and YOU!! They said you were great!! You did an AWESOME-FANTABULOUS job!! I heard some parties might be coming your way! " K. Groner
“Met Lisa a few years ago and got to know her really well. What a great person and an incredible business woman. I love what she does because she helps us improve ourselves in the most important ways. She teaches people how to live that healthy life everyone always dreams about. She knows her nutrition and I have recommended tons of people to her. She can help you improve and change your life to even a better one. Very professional and a pleasure to be around and to work with. We partner well because we have the same goals and the same motives for our customers which is healthy eating and healthy living.”Victoria Shparber, Owner, BlackForest Deli & Catering
Lisa's knowledge as a certified nutritionist is the perfect complement to being a fitness coach. She can help you with your exercise regimen as well as provide you with the best tips on menu planning and nutrition to achieve your goals.
If you want to have a successful fitness program, Lisa Drew is the person who can get you there.” Michele DeMarco
, Diamond Coach, Team Beachbody
"Lisa Drew is a very caring and hard- core! She will teach you all the tools you need to become successful implementing a healthy lifestyle! Every week she will bring you new information for you to apply to your life and diet. She is very patient in teaching you the techniques you need, she will make you own your own decisions for your new lifestyle! I would definately recommend her to anyone!" B. Wollett-Schmick
“The level of service at Lisa Drew Wellness is fantastic! I lost weight, am physically and mentally at my best! I run marathons now!  I am consistently impressed by her professionalism and caring attitude. Lisa gives you the tools you need to lead a healthy lifestyle so you no longer need to worry about dieting. Thank you!” K.W.
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Lisa Drew Nutrition was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!” K.G.
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