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CEOs, Small Business Owners, Presidents, HR, Group or Organization's important to lead by example. Did you know if you have a wellness program in place, you will have lower insurance costs,  healthier and happier employees/group members, which means quality production and positive workplace/organizational space? Contact me today to take those positive steps! 
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Lose Weight!
Increase energy!
Healthy Food!
Organic Vs. Non-Organic!
Set and be held accountable to reach agreed upon benchmark goals such as weight loss, stress reduction, increased energy, exercise, and boost  self-esteem.

Healthy Food = Healthy Life
Book now for corporate wellness programs, church gatherings, school functions, girl and boy scouts, etc to discuss healthy alternatives to improve your quality of life, improve your diet, and prevent illness. Learn to change unhealthy habits that will lead to lower insurance costs and increase the quality of life.
Health & Wellness Seminars
Available as a stand-alone seminar or a series of workshops these programs are interactive, informative and inspirational hour-long events. The information is tailored for busy people looking for quick, effective ways to integrate healthy eating and lifestyle choices into their lives & schedules.
Group or Individual Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching
The lifestyle coaching programs are designed to educate and support the development of a healthy and sustainable work-life balance. Whether you are looking for a unique program to support employees or creating a healthy cultural change within an organization this program will meet your needs.
The program takes place via Skype, your offices or meeting space, in either an individual or group setting, over a period of three months. You and individuals in your group will set and be expected to reach agreed upon benchmark goals such as weight loss, stress reduction, increased energy, plus a whole lot more.
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